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2017 Statute

Section Number

65-2401 - Definitions.
65-2402 - Duties of secretary of health and environment; persons offered employment in office of vital statistics, criminal history records check, use of information.
65-2405 - Appointment of state registrar; qualifications; compensation.
65-2406 - Duties of state registrar.
65-2409a - Certificate of birth; requirements; filing; fee for certificate of live birth; parent's social security number.
65-2410 - Same; state registrar to prepare and file, when.
65-2411 - Children of unknown parentage; report to state registrar.
65-2412 - Registration of deaths and stillbirths; official death records; use of verified forms; establishment and collection of fee; duties of coroners; filing of certificates; Kansas electronic death registration system.
65-2414 - Delayed determination of cause of death.
65-2415 - Form of certificates.
65-2416 - Certificates as evidence; reproduction of records; certification.
65-2417 - Certified copies or abstracts.
65-2418 - Fees for copies and searches; free copies of birth certificate, when; disposition; exemptions; copies, abstracts or data furnished to national office of vital statistics.
65-2418c - Vital statistics integrated information system; revenue bonds authorized for prescribed activities by Kansas development finance authority.
65-2418e - Civil registration and health statistics fee fund; authorized uses of moneys credited to fund; predecessor fund abolished, moneys and liabilities transferred to new fund.
65-2419 - Delayed birth certificates.
65-2420 - Same; procedure.
65-2421 - Same; evidence.
65-2422a - Change of name; new certificate of birth issued, when.
65-2422b - Records of divorces and annulments.
65-2422c - Minor correction of records.
65-2422d - Disclosure of records; disclosure of child birth information; monthly reports of deceased residents to county election officers; section not applicable to certain records created prior to July 1, 1911; social security number, availability; fact of death information; use of information for maternal and child health surveillance and monitoring.
65-2423 - Adoption cases; birth certificate requirements; foreign country adoption reporting requirements.
65-2425 - Institution inmates or patients; records and reports.
65-2426a - Authorization for cremation; penalty for violation.
65-2427 - Foreign permit for removal, burial, or other disposition of body.
65-2428a - Permit for transportation of dead body to location outside state.
65-2429 - Funeral directors' monthly reports.
65-2433 - Registration of divorces, annulments and adoptions.
65-2434 - Crimes, prosecution, penalties.
65-2435 - Invalidity of part.
65-2436 - Uniformity of interpretation.
65-2437 - Short title.
65-2438 - Notification of person transporting dead body for disposition that deceased had an infectious or contagious disease; form; notification of embalmer, funeral director or other person taking possession of body; confidential information; penalties for violations; "infectious or contagious disease" defined.
65-2439 - Meriden's law.
65-2440 - Certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth.